Starting Bluenose, Origins

Bluenose is the name of a famous racing boat from the Maritimes, where I am from. She was called 'The queen of the Atlantic' and was known in the 1930's for winning many races.

After learning of this ship while researching names for a computer I was building, I decided to host a private Minecraft server among a small group of friends. After many months of consideration, I decided to set up this Minecraft server to be a public server. You can join today to this server and be part of history of this server. You can also have bragging rights to be in the first group of players in this small server.

All you need to do is connect to in Minecraft 1.13.2. Or any latest Minecraft releases as I update the server as updates are pushed.

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Hey Guys! As you may know I am the Website Developer at BluenoseMC and phew I did ALOT of work on the website! like its 6:44pm and I started at 5:00, it looks like very little work but did take a good

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Here at BluenoseMC we are committed to providing a fun and enjoyable experience for every player that comes on our server. Every day we strive to make the best server that we can with what we have. We

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